Our restaurant and bars are a destination in itself. Treat your senses as our chef prepares your meal with ingredients sourced from local organic farmers, using only the freshest produce. Offering unique combinations of contemporary cuisine and century old traditions with a choice of dining to suit every mood, Arya Arkananta restaurant offers a range of classic Asian and regional cuisine to light casual fare served in elegant settings.

Each dining experience here reflects its heritage while keeping up with the latest culinary trends. The young talented culinary team create new menus using local, fresh, heritage and innovative produce. From seasonally inspired menus to dining experiences that will satisfy any craving, see what our chefs are preparing just for you.


Takir Bar & Restaurant

With views of rice fields that soothe the soul with a harmonious blend of natural sounds and dynamic village atmosphere, Takir Bar & Restaurant comes together, with a unique two-story building.

We bring back the recipes of Balinese and Indonesian ancestors with a contemporary look that inspires appetite without losing its authentic taste like Nasi Bira, Nasi Sela Metambus, etc.

Takir is indeed an important part of our resort, with its ability to be a bridge translator of our ancestral recipes in the modern world like already being mentioned above.

In addition, the concept of respect for each ingredient that we use has actually been implemented in our cooking techniques that prioritize the health element in it.

Apart from that, also enjoy our classic Indonesian and International menus.