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Full Day Tour

Indulge in the enchanting beauty of Bali with our exclusive full-day private car tour accompanied by your personal butler.

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Paddy Plantation

To maintain our relationships with the environtment, the people and the Goddes of Prosperity, Arya Arkananta would like to invite you to join the paddys plantation activity in our main garden.

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Lulur and Boreh Workshop

Traditonal Body scrub or lulur is an age old beauty secret inspired by Javanese royalty using a veriety of finely blended spices and herbs that gently removed dead cells and smooth skin to a golden glow.

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Making Jamu

Join us in Making traditional herbal “jamu” is traditional medicine in Indonesia. Made from natural materials such as parts of plants such as roots likes turmeric, tamarind, lime and honey.

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