About Us

This serene oasis comprises a series of up cycle ‘Gladak’ and ‘Joglo’ houses accommodating  private villas & suites, as well as a restaurant and bar, a teahouse, spacious multi-function ‘Joglo Pendopo’ , swimming pool, nature warm ‘Watsu’ pool, a teahouse, a gym, Lemuria Therapeutic Transcendental Spa and Sacred Stone Chamber.

The conceptual architecture features philosophical connection of us human, nature and our appreciation of our natural source of food.

Stone pathways in between live rice field plot, the sound of abundant stream of life from ‘subak’ (Bali’s ancient water way system) provides a blissful and gratitude to nature, a seamless integration of romantic interiors and handcrafted artistry with contemporary notions of privacy and comfort capped with exemplary personal service.